Thohoyandou, Limpopo, South Africa

Thohoyandou (meaning 'head of the Elephant') was made the capital for the Venda people in 1979. Due to financial problems the Venda people requested admittance back into South Africa, which was approved in 1994. It is now the administrative and legislative centre for this Venda region in the Limpopo Province.

In the Limpopo many people still believe in spirit mediums, witchcraft, Rain Queens and the sacred baboons. However, Thohoyandou is a modern city; it bustles with activity, the buildings are new and there is the elegant Venda Sun Hotel.

Thohoyandou has a museum, lush plantations, a Baobab of 3000 years old, Dzata Ruins and Museum of the Drum, Tshimbubfe archaeological site, Tshakuma Traditional Village, Thulamela ruins, Thathe Vondo Forest, Nwanedi National Park, Levubu Tree Park, Tshatshingo Potholes, Mphaphuli Cycad Reserve, and it is in close proximity to the Kruger National Park.