Polokwane (previously Pietersburg), Limpopo, South Africa

Polokwane (previously Pietersburg) was named in 1886 after the well-known General Petrus Jacobus (Piet) Joubert. In 2002 the name was changed to Polokwane, meaning 'place of safety' in northern Sotho.

Aside from Polokwane's manufacturing and distribution abilities, there is an array of sports facilities. For the fitness fans, Polokwane has hiking trails, game reserves, cultural villages and bird sanctuaries with some very rare birds.

Polokwane has a training hospital, a private hospital with 187 beds, clinics and the headquarters of the Institute for Medical Research. The staff at the medical facilities has the best training, with some of them working in very specialist fields.

By far as one can see, Polokwane is a very modern city; the schools, technical colleges, music centres, the University of the North, the provincial headquarters of the University of South Africa and Technikon satellite campuses provide excellent education.